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Reference guide

Follow this reference guide to make sure your application integrates with DfE.

To avoid your application failing without warning when DfE makes changes, read best practice.

Browser support for OAuth 2.0

The OAuth 2.0 authorisation journey is designed to work with most modern browsers as per the list specified on Designing for different browsers and devices. The exception being Internet Explorer 11 which we are looking to release soon.

Coding in the open

Find and Use an API, the underlying API Platform and some of the APIs are coded in the open, as per the GOV.UK Digital Service Standard (opens in a new tab).

The source code is available at (opens in a new tab). For more details, contact us.

Redirect URLs

Redirect URLs send the user back to your application after successful (or unsuccessful) authorisation, before your application accesses user-restricted endpoints.

You must specify:

  • one or more redirect URLs when you register your application
  • one redirect URL when you send your user to our authorisation endpoint

To protect your application from phishing attacks, your redirect URL for authorisation (in your call to /oauth/authorize) must be the same as:

  • one you used when you created your application
  • the one for exchanging your authorisation code for an access token (in your call to /oauth/token)

Creating your URLs

When registering your application, you can:

  • use the full redirect URL - for example
  • use a partial URL - for example
  • include a port number - for example
  • include a query component - for example

When calling our authorisation endpoint, your redirect URL must include a percent-encode - for example

Your redirect URL must not:

  • use http (except for installed applications) - for example
  • use an IP address instead of a DNS name - for example
  • include a fragment component - for example
  • be a relative URL - for example /auth-redirect

TLS standards

DfE APIs are only accessible over Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher.